Logo Lights

Logo Lights™ is a patented product designed by a young and bright entrepreneurial company with a number of innovative sports lighting products in their pipeline to launch. Our unique and innovative Logo-Lights are designed with fans in mind who want to proudly display their favorite collegiate team pride. 

Our idea for Logo-Lights™ first came up back in 2014, as we were seeing multiple logos around us of all different universities, but as the weather kept changing you would either miss all of the college logos or they would get ruined, so we decided to produce a brand new product. First we started with the idea in mind that they would be able to work all year around and wouldn’t rot away or stop working, at the same time we wanted to make sure it would be a product that you could display in your lawn or on your fence all year long, aside from indoors for your den, man-cave, basement, bar or in your favorite location inside your home.

Indoor & Outdoor Use, Water Proof, Multiple choices of Different Colors & Settings, Stakes into the ground (stake not included) or Wall-Mountable, Ultra-Bright Long Lasting LED Lights molded into the shape of your favorite collegiate logo.